originallife Eco-friendly Fish Aquaculture Filter
originallife Eco-friendly Air Purifier Filter Air Conditioning Filter
originallife Eco-friendly PP Mist Eliminator Filter Eco-friendly Safe Retardant Filter
originallife green eco mat fruit bagging green eco mat greenhouse screen

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Eco-friendly Mattress
[copy]**Fruit Bagging/PE,Without Rope(1500 mesh)
Eco-friendly Safe Retardant Filter
Eco-friendly Preservation Bag

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Original Life has fifty-year experiences in producing plastic net filtration. We produce multifunction Nano filters, which are used in agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, mass transit and much more. From agriculture netting to variety of functional air filters. Original Life also provides the anti-fungal and anti-insects greenhouse netting, fruit and vegetable growth-boost bag, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping bag, and antibacterial filters for aquaculture.


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